Joint Phd Agreement

Doctoral students are admitted to a common study programme and institutions have a common responsibility for all aspects of training and supervision. A framework programme composed of representatives of the institutions may form the basis of technical cooperation and be responsible for the admission of candidates to the programme. Not recommended. The agreement ensures that the requirements of the NTNU are met in the rules relating to the degree of philosophiae doctor (PhD) and, in accordance with the requirements of the cooperating university, to obtain an equivalent degree. The candidate is admitted to a PhD/Doctoral School program at one of the universities, z.B. NTNU. Cooperation does not need to be formalized by a written agreement or a memorandum of understanding. Two cooperating universities, the candidate and the candidate`s instructors, conclude the agreement. The agreement governs the admission, monitoring and evaluation of the candidate`s thesis and, where appropriate, other matters. NTNU has a model for such an agreement. You have to find accommodation every time you change universities, and if you have a family, will you be able to do a joint PhD in two different countries? Who pays for your travel expenses between institutions? Are you ready to leave your friends and colleagues for different times? Joint-PhDs are PhDs that are taught at two universities….