Transportation Agreement Pcs

(a) Your agency will allow you to travel by any means of transportation (e.g.B. joint carriers or POVs) that it considers beneficial to the government. Your agency covers your transport costs according to the authorized modes. If you arrive by one or more modes of transport other than those authorised by your agency, your agency will cover your transport costs up to the constructive transport costs by the authorised means of transport. For trips of less than 250 miles, your agency authorizes POV travel, unless there are reasons not to choose a POV acceptable to the Agency (for example.B. if the traveler is physically disabled, owns or does not rent a POV, has only one POV used for family transportation, or the POV is not safe for such travel). The reimbursement of POV kilometres shall be made in accordance with the provisions of Article 302-4.300 of this Chapter. .