Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise License Agreement

You can disable the latter feature. For more information, see •Your violation of a license to use other software on your computer. Except as expressly provided in this Agreement, access rights to the Software on this server do not entitle you to implement Microsoft patents or other Microsoft intellectual property rights in software or devices that access this server. In addition to the Server Software license, you must purchase a Windows Client Access License for each person (“User”) or device that accesses or uses the Server Software, either directly or through a multiplexing service. A “multiplexing service” is an application or software service that accesses or uses the server software at the request of a user or device. For example, each user or device that uses one of the following server software services requires a Windows CA: –In Pro Server mode, the maximum number of devices and users that can simultaneously access the server software installed on that server is the number of Windows CALs (both types) that you purchase and set for exclusive use with that server. You have the unique right to change your use of the Server Software from “Pro Server” mode to “Per Device” or “Per User” mode. When you do this, you can apply the same number of Windows CANs that you purchased for use in Per Server mode in Per Device mode or Per User mode. You do not need to purchase WindowsCAL for users or devices that access the server software exclusively over the Internet and are not authenticated by the server software or a multiplex service.

ISVs are in a unique position because their hosted unified solutions can be licensed through traditional volume licensing programs and, in particular, the Self-Hosted ISV Software Assurance benefit. As a traditional volume licensing licensee, software software vendors without software software without software can obtain extended support updates directly through an Enterprise agreement or server and cloud registration. •Windows Time Service. Once a week, this service synchronizes the time with so that your computer is always at the exact time….