Wufa Agreement

The agreement was reached for four months. Noonan thanked the WUFA negotiating team and the UWindsor administration for their hard work. MPs voted in favour of the 93% agreement, said WUFA President Jeff Noonan, who called the agreement a „resounding success.“ Mr. Noonan said the agreement was good for both the university and the members of the ERS. „We are very pleased to have secured a very good collective agreement without interruption,“ says Noonan. „We can start the school year on time, because we ultimately depend on the vitality of the institution. We are educators by vocation.┬áIf you are the author of a literary, dramatic, artistic or musical work of fixed form, you are also the first copyright holder. No one else you can use, modify or sell your works unless you reject your copyright or license it. Copyright protection is effective without registration and exists as soon as a work is created in a fixed medium. Although there are exceptions for works in the context of employment at the University of Windsor, under the collective agreement with the University of Windsor Faculty Association (WUFA), all author`s vests in the original author, unless the work is expressly commissioned by the university, or otherwise indicated in another agreement. Remember that even if you are the author of a work but have officially awarded the copyright to another party (i.e. a publisher), you must obtain permission from the copyright holder to publish your copyright on Blackboard Learn.

If you signed a transfer agreement with a publisher when you publish an article, chapter or book, you should refer to the terms of your written license agreement to determine if you are allowed to publish the book on Blackboard Learn. You`ll find important information and advice on how to retain some rights to your published work for classrooms and other purposes. If you are not the author of the work, but you have acquired the full copyright through a formal assignment, you can publish the work on Blackboard Learn.